Maglić and Trnovačko Lake

Trnovačko lake
Trnovačko lake

Maglic is the highest although not the largest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most beautiful mountain of Montenegro. One part of Maglić massif is placed on Bosnia & Herzegovina side, while it’s second part is on Montenegrin territory. Maglić peak has two summits, Bosanski Maglić (2386 m) peak on Bosnia & Herzegovina side and Crnogorski Maglić (2388 m) on Montenegrin side, which is 2 m higher then Bosanski Maglić summit on Bosnia&Herzegovina side. But, officially, the pride of the highest summit of Mt Maglić belong to Bosanski Maglić (2386 m), even that the Crnogorski Maglić (2388 m) is 2 m higher. Montenegrin part of Maglić massif is decorated by amazing beauty of Trnovačko Jezero (Trnovačko Lake), one of the most beautiful of Montenegro.

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