The mist-wreathed Old Town of Srebrenik


Once upon a time where there were three mighty queens and each of them made a town where the town’s name described them – Sokol, Srebrenik and Grad. This is a story about The Old Town of Srebrenik.

The queen who made Srebrenik said that the town will shine like silver, so the town got its name (Bosnian: srebro – English: silver).

The Kingdom of Bosnia

The first mention of the town of Srebrenik dates as far back as to 1333, to the time when this city was the capital of the medieval Bosnian state under the rule of the royal line Kotromanić.

The Srebrenik fortress whose inaccessibility resisted the numerous armies is built on a rock that rises from the surrounding area in the amount of about 50 to 70 m. The height difference between the lowest and highest point of the tower is about 13 m. It also provides safety because of a large artificial channel in front of the slope, so that the fortress can only be accessed through a wooden bridge above the channel.

The fortress is one of the best preserved fortress from the Middle Ages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was home to the Bosnian ban Stjepan Kotromanić until his death in 1353 years.

A fairy tale castle

Placed under the sky, in mystical fog, the fortress looks like a fairy tale castle that in its walls hide the biggest secrets of the past and beautiful princesses. Like protector and executioner the fortress rises above Srebrenik town and offers a wide view of the entire city.

A trip to the Old Town of Srebrenik is a true delight of natural, cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Old Town of Srebrenik
The Old Town of Srebrenik