Rafting is one of the most popular forms of active vacation and tourism. Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its white water rafting adventures and it is amongst the best developed outdoor activities. It is becoming more popular in the region each year as more and more people realize that it is a perfect combination of a genuine holiday in nature and adrenaline enjoyment of the rivers.

Bosnia has four beautiful whitewater rivers that offer professionally guided rafting tours. The ‘Four Rivers’ – Neretva, Una, Tara and Vrbas rank among Europe’s best class II-IV. Each river will pleasantly surprise you with its stunning wilderness and unforgettable landscapes.

Whitewater rafting is an awesome summertime activity to do with friends and family. The adrenaline-pumping experience is second to none on a warm summer day. Even in you are alone, you can always join an existing group.

Each of the rivers have outfitters certified by International Rafting Federation.

|The mighty four|

Neretva river

The mountain river is fast, clear, green and clean enough that you can drink it in the canyon, where the rafting is held. The Neretva river canyon provides unforgivable experience to all rafters that are eager for some fun and adrenaline and that appreciate beauty of the nature. The canyon is decorated with waterfalls, small beaches and natural water sources. You will enjoy all 23 kilometers long rafting adventure on this mighty river.

Una river

The one and only, Una river, is the pearl of Krajina and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for its waterfalls and crystal cascades, mesmerizing first time visitors with its beauty. You will be impressed by the untouched nature of its valley and its emerald rapids. The Una river is also famous by the “International Una Regatta” which is held for more than 50 years.

Vrbas river

Vrbas is a fast mountain river, with several white and wild sections and rapid falls and belongs to a group of most attractive rivers in Europe with difficulty levels 3-4. The river cuts two canyons – Tijesno canyon and Podmilačje canyon. Length used for water adventure sports is 31 km. The Vrbas river hosted the World Rafting Championship in 2009 and is one of the few rivers in the world that meet the requirements for all sport disciplines. All this is more than enough reason to enjoy the emerald and crystal clear water.

Tara river

Tara, a true paradise for all adventures. It is also called “The tear of Europe” and ranks 3-5 on the rafting rating scale. It is among the most attractive and most beautiful rivers on the planet. You will enjoy in the magnificence of rapids, clearings, bridges, water-mills and mostly in untouched nature. You will see a breathtaking natural phenomenon in the Tara canyon which you will not see anywhere else. The Tara canyon is under UNESCO protection since 1980.

Your next adventure is waiting for you in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Neretva rafting