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Jajce waterfall - Jajce

Jajce Tour

Jajce is a city and municipality located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosanska Krajina region.

The town is famous for its beautiful waterfall where the Pliva River meets the river Vrbas. It was thirty meters high, but during the Bosnian war, the area was flooded and the waterfall is now 20 meters high. The flooding may have been due to an earthquake and/or attacks on the hydroelectric power plant further up the river.

Jajce is situated in the mountains, there is a beautiful countryside near the city, rivers such as the Vrbas and Pliva, lakes like Pliva lake, which is also a popular destination for the local people and some tourists. This lake is called Brana in the local parlance. Not far from Jajce there are mountains that are over two thousand meters high like Vlasic near the city of Travnik. Travelling through the mountain roads to the city may not sit well with some visitors, because the roads are in poor condition, but the scenery is picturesque.

Places to visit

  • Beautiful waterfall
  • MIlls at Pliva lake (“Mlinčići”)
  • Pliva River
  • Vrbas River
  • Pliva lake
  • Jajce Fortress
  • Mosque of Esma Sultanija
  • and more…

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