Travnik Tour


Travnik Tour

Like many Bosnian towns, **Travnik**’s tourism is based largely on its history and geography. Nearby **Mt.Vlašić** is one of the tallest peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and an excellent spot for skiing, hiking, and sledding. Though tourism isn’t very strong for the city, Vlašić is probably its chief tourist attraction. The city itself is also of interest. Numerous structures dating to the Ottoman era have survived in near perfect condition, such as numerous mosques, oriental homes, two clock towers (it is the only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have two clock towers), and fountains. The city’s old town dates back to the early 15th century, making it one of the most popular widely accessible sites from that time.

Places to visit

  • Old town
  • Clock Tower
  • Suleimania Mosque
  • Blue Water
  • and many more…

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