Čvrsnica hiking trail – Become an outlaw – from 45 €

Čvrsnica - Hajdučka vrata
Hajdučka vrata

The highest mountain in Herzegovina with more than ten summits above 2000 m (Pločno 2228, Veliki Jelinak 2179, Veliki Vilinac 2118 etc.), Čvrsnica is often called as “the roof of Herzegovina”. Famous for its unique natural beauty, many fascinating legends and stories related to this mountain, you can be sure that you will experience something totally new.

There are several hiking trails that end up at the highest peak Pločno but this time we will hike to one of the most well known natural wonder of Čvrsnica – the Hajdučka vrata (Outlaws door) at 2000 m ASL. On the way to Hajdučka vrata we will pass Crvenjak (1970 m), the highest lake by altitude in BiH. At the end of the trail you will be rewarded with indescribable beauty of Hajdučka vrata created for centuries by the natural conditions on the site. It is natural more than four meters wide ring through which the wind blows and are located on the edge of the canyon Dive Grabovice.

According to legend, it was the place where the guys who have rebelled against the law declared them selves outlaws. Once they pass through the “Outlaws door”, they become bullet proof. They vow to protect the gang and to be an exemplary member. The location is perfect for hiding where the outlaws could be safe of any pursuit and prosecution. Two legendary characters “watch over” this entire area: an outlaw from folk tales – Mijat Tomić and the other one is Diva Grabovčeva.

Book this unforgettable hike where a man can rest his soul and body, and admire the unforgettable beauty. Find out more about the legends covered with a veil of mysteries and defiances. Join us!

What to see and do Basic information
Natural Park Blidinje Duration: 8-10 hours
Čvrsnica mountain Drive distance: 250 km
Crvenjak lake Walk duration: up to 8 hour
Hajdučka vrata Altitude: up to 2000 m
Blidinje lake  
Necropolis with Stećak tombstones   
Dugo polje  

Additional Information

The price includes:

Transport from Sarajevo and back
Licensed tour guide
Coffee or tea
Lunch package

The tour price is based on a group of seven participants. Individual guests can join an existing group. For a smaller group, please check out our tour pricing listed below.  Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by email/phone.

Please note that all tours/packages we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option. Participants interested in a private trip may contact Amazing BiH at info@amazing-bosnia.com, and a quote will be provided.

Tour pricing

Number of persons 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Price per person 89 € 72 € 65 € 55 € 49 € 45 €

Note: Children aged five to fifteen get a 50% discount on most tours.

What to bring

Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are highly recommended; A day pack; Sunscreen; Fleece; Sun hat; 1 liter of water; A dry t-shirt/fleece; Rain gear (in case of rain); Camera; Some carbohydrates rich food such as bananas, hazelnuts, chocolate, some fruits, etc. as snack along the way. It can easily happen that you experience three seasons in just an hour so be prepared. Please contact us if you are in need of any equipment.

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