Hiking to Prenj


Hiking is a form of physical activity that is based on walking in nature on a variety of routes or tracks and outside of marked trails and it is a way and style of life, as well as a whole range of activities that makes modern life more enjoyable, interesting and beautiful.

Prenj is the most beautiful, the most attractive but also the most cruel mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which many hikers called Herzegovinian Himalaya. Prenj is a mountain range in Herzegovina with many peaks and the highest is called “Green Head” 2155m abov sea level. This mountain is situated in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, in the northern part of Herzegovina. Prenj is located between river Neretva, near Konjic from Glavaticevo, to Bijelo Polje near Mostar on the north-west, and on the southeast side, it is bound by mountain peaks: Velez (1969m), Crvanj (1921m) and Visocica (1964m).

Prenj belongs to the high mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The peaks of Prenj are interesting and attractive for hikers who like to watch landscapes variegated with white snow and green juniper.

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