Hiking to Visočica


Hiking is a form of physical activity that is based on walking in nature on a variety of routes or tracks and outside of marked trails and it is a way and style of life, as well as a whole range of activities that makes modern life more enjoyable, interesting and beautiful.

Mount Visocica is a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina. The east side is separated from the mountain Treskavica by river Ljuta, the south and southwest side is separated from the mountain Prenj by river Neretva, and in the west and north, the canyon of the Rakitnica river is separating Visocica from the olympic mountain Bjelasnica.

This mountain is named Visocica (literally translated as “the tall one”) becouse it has many high peaks. The highest peaks are Mosque (1967m), Great Ljeljen (1963m) and Vito (1960m). The northern part of mountain has pastures at an altitude of 1300-1400m, while the southern lower part is covered with forest.

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