Konjic Tour – The town from a legend – from 50 €

Konjic Tour - The town from a legend
Stara ćuprija - Konjic

Located in northern Herzegovina, around 50 km southwest of Sarajevo people nowadays use to say that Konjic is the „and“ between Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the oldest permanent settlements in B&H. Archaeological findings indicate that the place has been populated for almost 4000 years. The magnificent stone bridge and the noise of the emerald green Neretva River will make you permanently fall in love with Konjic which means “a little horse”.

Through history the surrounding of Konjic has been very important settlement. Witnesses to that are 14 medieval towns in the area around Konjic,  with 34 medieval churches and around 4.160 medieval tombstones (stećci) in 150 registered necropolises.

The Old Stone bridge

Stara Ćuprija ornamenting the old city of Konjic over the everlasting Neretva river. It was originally built in 1682 by Ali-aga Hasečić, but was demolished by Germans during the WW2. Rebuilding in its original state started 2006 and 2009 it was opened for public. The opening was one of the most important days for the people of the Konjic town. Now, it is a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an indispensable part of the city, which boasts with its beauty.

The emerald green river – Neretva

During antiquity, the Neretva was known as Narenta, Narona and Naro(n). The emerald green river’s shores have been settled from antic times. Its crystal clean fresh water, outstanding beauty, diverse ecosystems and habitats, flora and fauna, cultural and historic heritage leave no one unaffected by it. Beside the Neretva River and Stara ćuprije, the center of Konjic is a true historical jewel where you’ll have a chance to see and explore the influences brought there by different cultures.

The Atomic War Command

After the war (1992-1995) Konjic has become famous by an atomic shelter from the Yugoslavian era – The Atomic War Command (Atomska ratna komanda – D-0 ARK). The shelter was built as a military base – bunker inside a hill at the foot of the Zlatar Mountain. The bunker was a top secret project for which very few people knew about.  The ARK was not marked on any map, with a few houses in front of it and surrounded by natural settings along the Neretva River ordinary passerby could never guess what is hidden there. Now it is opened for visitors where the visitors can experience all the power of former Yugoslavia.

Having all these facts in mind, the Neretva valley with Konjic town is definitely something you should not miss during your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What to see and do Basic information
The Old Town of Konjic Duration: 5 – 6 hours
The Old Stone bridge Drive distance: 50 km
Neretva river Walk duration: 20 – 90 min
The Atomic War Command  
Necropolis with Stećak tombstones  
Heritage Museum of Konjic  

Additional Information

The price includes:

Transport from Sarajevo and back
Licensed tour guide
Lunch with one drink
Admission to all the sites from the tour

The tour price is based on a group of seven participants. Individual guests can join an existing group. For a smaller group, please check out our tour pricing listed below. Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by email/phone.

Please note that all tours/packages we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option. Participants interested in a private trip may contact Amazing BiH at info@amazing-bosnia.com, and a quote will be provided.

Tour pricing

Number of persons 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Price per person 99 € 79 € 65 € 59 € 55 € 50 €

Note: Children aged five to fifteen get a 50% discount on most tours.

What to bring

Comfortable shoes and clothes; Sunscreen; Fleece; Sun hat; 1 liter of water; Rain gear (in case of rain); Camera; Snack along the way.


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