Bobovac hiking trail – The fall of the Bosnian Kingdom – from 40 €

The Royal town of Bobovac
The Royal town of Bobovac

The tour will take you back into the history – from Kraljeva Sutjeska to The Royal town of Bobovac

Arriving in Kraljeva Sutjeska (King’s Sutjeska) feels like stepping through a time warp. At the entrance to the settlement there is one of the oldest Bosnian mosques built by sultan Mehmed II el-Fatih. By folk tradition, the mosque was built in just few days and never after renewed or rebuilt. In this ancient village special attraction makes a great Franciscan monastery with a church and very rich cultural and historical archive in museum and library. The last Bosnian Queen Katarina, is mourned today by the local townswomen who still wear black scarves as part of the traditional dress.

The hiking tour is starting from Kraljeva Sutjeska by the river Bukovica through the path that is more than 600 years old. You will walk through the pristine nature to the hill of Bobovac. The path will lead us to the ruins of former Bosnian Kingdom.

Bobovac is the most important and best fortified city of medieval Bosnia built on a rock at the south side of the mountains massif of “Dragovskih and Mijakovskih poljica” above the delta of the river Mijakovo. It was built by Stjepan II Kotromanic, the last Bosnian ban, in the beginning of 14th century and was seat for all Bosnian rulers and kings till 1463 when Ottomans occupied Bosnia. As many other towns throughout Europe, the building took place in few phases, more than one century. Bobovac represented a symbol of its political independency and incorporation into a wider European context to the very end of the mediaeval Bosnian state in 1463.  In the castles thick walls the Bosnian crown was guarded and it was home for the last Bosnian King Stjepan Tomašević and Queen Katarina.

What to see and do Basic information
Kraljeva Sutjeska Duration: 6-10 hours
Mehmed II el-Fatih mosque Drive distance: 70 km
Franciscan monastery Walk duration: 4-5 hours
The Dusper House (18th century) Altitude: up to 764 m
Partisan memorial cemetery  
Bobovac fortress  
Bobovac Royal Mausoleum  

If you are interested in an easier tour or a family trip to Kraljeva Sutjeska and Bobovac, check our “The reign site of Bosnian medieval kings” tour!

Additional Information

The price includes:

Transport from Sarajevo to starting point of hiking tour and back
Licensed tour guide
Coffee or tea
Lunch package
Admission to the historic site of the Mediaeval Royal Castle of Bobovac

The tour price is based on a group of seven participants. Individual guests can join an existing group. For a smaller group, please check out our tour pricing listed below. Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by email/phone.

Please note that all tours/packages we do are shared tours, unless specifically agreed as private option. Participants interested in a private trip may contact Amazing BiH at, and a quote will be provided.

Tour pricing

Number of persons 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Price per person 80 € 63 € 55 € 49 € 45 € 40 €

Note: Children aged five to fifteen get a 50% discount on most tours.

What to bring

Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are highly recommended; A day pack; Sunscreen; Fleece; Sun hat; 1 liter of water; A dry t-shirt/fleece; Rain gear (in case of rain); Camera; Some carbohydrates rich food such as bananas, hazelnuts, chocolate, some fruits, etc. as snack along the way.  Please contact us if you are in need of any equipment.

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