Vranica mountain and its natural gem – Prokoško lake

Prokoško lake - Fojnica
Prokoško lake - Fojnica

Vranica, the most recognizable mineral mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even in Roman times, people use to digg ores of lead, silver, mercury and gold. The mountain is very rich in water, caves and pits. A lot of sources creates beautiful winding crystal clear creeks and small beautiful waterfalls which make scenery looks like “water heaven”. Most of the surface is covered by pastures with diverse flora and fauna and areas suitable for agriculture and grazing livestock. Endemic species such as Vraničko Zvonce (Edraianthus niveus) and Bosanska Zvonička (Symphyandra Hofmannii) have made Vranica mountain to their home. Vranica is also very famous fort various kinds of mushrooms, cranberries, blueberries, medicinal herbs that can easily be on your „food menu“.

The first sight of Prokoško lake is stunning. In the heart of the mountain, surrounded by mountain peaks above 2000 m.a.s.l with the highest of them – Nadkrstac 2112 m.a.s.l, a natural gem is jealously hidden by its indescribable beauty. Like a mirror Prokoško jezero is reflecting its guardians. This glacier made lake at 1636 m above sea level is a home to endemic species – blind cave salamander and amphibian lizard – Triton (Triturus alpestris reiseri) – which only lives in Prokoško lake, discovered in 1891 by Othmur Reiser, an ornithologist of the National Museum in Sarajevo, when this species are being named after him.

On its right shore there are numerous of old, shingle covered, shepherd’s wooden huts – Katuni. It was back in time traditional shepherd settlement, but now it is fast growing tourist place. The village itself has unique mosque, high one in the whole of Europe at an altitude of 1666 m.a.s.l. Prokoško lake was declared a park of nature and protected zone in 1982, and in 2005 it was declared a natural monument.

You will explore amazing landscapes, untouched nature and get to know Bosnian rural/nomad village life, how general shepherd life at Vranica mountain looks like and what happens when the winter season is there. The locals offer a rich assortment of organic food made from the milk of domestic animals that graze medicinal herbs from the surrounding slopes. The taste of the hot local tea made from the herbs will be out of this world.

Prokoško lake is a must tour and definitely something not to miss for any nature lover during your stay in BiH.

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