The wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina


This heart shape land is hiding many of its incredible historical and natural sites making it one unique country that you won’t find anywhere else. Despite all the promotions about the natural and historical treasures in B&H, many people are still unaware of them. We will try to bring you the greatest destinations, beautiful sightseeing, UNESCO World Heritage sites and do our best to make Bosnia and Herzegovina your next tourist destination. 


First of B&H wonders is water, as the name of the country is literally translated (Illyrian “Bass-an-as”) meaning ” the running water”. Bosnian people have always had a special relationship with water so we are bringing you some of the most amazing water wonders. 
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Having all the water resources in mind, no wonder that Bosnian’s need many bridges to connect two shores of the rivers. Two of the most famous bridges are Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad and Old Bridge in the area of the Old City of Mostar that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beside this two well know bridges they are a few more that you just need to visit and walk over them. 
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The mountains in this small country are magnificent. They are truly breathtaking and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. The capital city – Sarajevo – with its surrounding mountains was the host of The Winter Olympic games in 1984. Take a look at some of them! 
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Engraving in the rock caves Badanj near Stolac, named Horse attacked with arrows, preserved in fragments, and dated to the period around 12.000. p. n. e. shows that Bosnian people have a long relationship with caves. From the old times to the present days caves in B&H are very important to its residents. People use to live in in them, they made sacrifices and other religious practices inside the caves and till this day the caves are an open book of history of the Earth and Bosnian man. Some of the most important and most beautiful are: 
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Stećci are monumental medieval tombstones, a symbol of the Medieval Bosnian Kingdom, its people, tradition and religion. These magnificent tombstones are cultural witnesses of those who lived between the 11th and 15th centuries in Bosnia and Hum (Herzegovina). They are grouped in Nekropolas and are located in isolated locations in beautiful valleys or on hills overlooking the amazing surroundings of country-side. When you are on the site of the Necropolas you get impression that they wanted to stay in this country they truly loved long after their dead and to watch over its people, to stay true to themselves. In 2016 they became a part of UNESCO World Heritage. 
Some of the beautiful Nekropolas and motives on the tombstones: 
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Yes, you read well. Bosnia was a kingdom during the middle age and despite the fact that the kingdom was for years neglected you will find the proof of its existence in almost every town you visit where the Bosnian kingdom had ruled. Just look on the hills and you will find the remains of magnificent castles and sense a whiff of past times. Here are some of the most beautiful and the most important ones: 
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You might have heard about Bosnian pyramids located in a small town of Visoko. Back in time on the top of Visočica hill (The Pyramid of the Sun) where the old medieval town of Visoki meaning “a tall one”. Up there you can still find the stone remains of the town. In 2005, the town came in the center of international attention when Semir Osmanagić made a statement that he had found the oldest pyramids in the world located in Visoko. 

Beside the pyramids in Visoko, there are sand pyramids, a natural phenomenon created from weather conditions near Foča town. First when you see them you get an impression that you have somehow stepped in western movies, or that you are in Colorado. If you think that we are overreacting – take a look at the following pictures: 
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Last but not least – in Bosnia and Herzegovina you will find one of the last remaining primeval forest in Europe – Preućica. Just take a moment and get lost in this incredible forest.