The charms of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7 day tour – from 449 €


If you are on vacation and want to truly experience all the charms of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this tour is ideal for you. In these 7 days you will get a chance to learn about the richness of the history and culture, have some of the best sightseeing, and taste some of the most delicious traditional cuisine. You will discover the best of Sarajevo, Travnik, Jajce and Mostar and have the best time at Prokoško lake.

The tour agenda will offer a full picture of the itinerary of „The charms of Bosnia and Herzegovina“ tour!

 Day 1 – Welcome to Sarajevo

Arrive in Sarajevo and check into hotel. After check in you will have a city tour through the historical and cultural sites in the center of Sarajevo:

  • The Old Town – Baščaršija – is the heart of Sarajevo. You will visit the city’s cultural and historic sights and enjoy getting lost in its small streets
  • With a visit to the historic mosques, churches and synagogues of Sarajevo you will discover why Sarajevo is called the “European Jerusalem”
  • In Sarajevo you can read Bosnian’s history through its streets and buildings. As we walk around you will learn about the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rules as well as the landmarks of past wars: WWI, WW2 and the scars of the 1992 – 95 war
  • After visiting the heart of Sarajevo we will enjoy lunch and dinner at Sarajevo’s famous restaurants, where the local food is natural, organic and delicious
  • Return to hotel and overnight in Sarajevo

Day 2 – Herzegovina day tour

Departing from the hotel and heading south by road to the Herzegovina region:

  • We will have a beautiful journey through amazingBlagaj - Buna tour mountainous countryside
  • First stop will be in the ancient town of Konjic on the Neretva River
  • Next stop will be at The Old Town of Mostar and famous Stari Most bridge – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The 400 year old Sufi tekkiya at Blagaj located by the stunning source of the Buna Spring is something that you will not see anywhere else and it will just take your breath away
  • One of the most beautiful historic towns – Počitelj – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – will be our last stop. You will have a chance to get lost in its charming small streets
  • Lunch and dinner will be at one of the many restaurants located along the route where we will enjoy grilled meats or fish
  • Return to Sarajevo

Day 3 – Vizier’s and King’s towns

Departing from the hotel and heading south by road to the Travnik and Jajce region:

  • First stop will be in Travnik – the Vizier’s town – Jajce waterfall tourheadquarters the Ottoman Sultan’s representative in Bosnia during the Ottoman time
  • In Travnik we will visit the famous Plava voda (Blue water spring), the old Ottoman fortress and the Ivo Andric House (Nobel prize winner in literature)
  • After the Vizier’s town visit, we will continue to the residence of the Bosnian Kings – Jajce
  • In Jajce we will have an opportunity to visit a natural waterfall in the city center – only one of the kind in the entire world and the old town with its medieval fortress, the residence of the Bosnian kings. We will have a chance to peek in catacombs and underground church
  • After the tour through this magical town we will visit Pliva Lake where we will have lunch
  • After the lunch we will have a short walk to the famous watermills on Pliva Lake
  • Return to Sarajevo

Day 4 – Sarajevo’s surroundings and natural beauty

Departing from the hotel: 

  • We will start our day with a visit to the source of Ilidža tourRiver Bosna, set within beautiful nature reserve .You will have a chance to enjoy a horse and carriage ride down the Great Alley through a lined with around 3.000 chestnut and plane trees that are over 100 years old. The last tree in the Alley was planted in 1894
  • The Sarajevo Tunnel was an underground tunnel constructed between March and June 1993 during the Siege of Sarajevo. You will get a full understanding of the siege and the extent of the war
  • Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and you will get a chance to explore the Winter Olympic sites at Bjelašnica, Igman and Trebević mountains
  • We will enjoy the lunch in the fresh air of the surrounding hills of Sarajevo areas
  • Return to hotel and overnight in Sarajevo

Day 5 The natural gem – Prokoško lake

Departing from the hotel: 

  • Our first stop will be in Kiseljak. Kiseljak is a small town
    Prokoško lake - Fojnica
    Prokoško lake – Fojnica

    known for its top quality mineral water – „kiseljak“. You will have a chance to try the water from its source. We will also have some of the best “lepina” with sour cream
  • Next stop will be at Fojnica, also a small town known for its gold mine and healing thermal springs for which the town is known by. But maybe the most famous is the Franciscan Monastery settled on a hill above the town. It has an impressive library and it is the keeper of the Ahdname – the first known document in history that is protecting human rights. The Ahdname is a guarantee of freedom to the Franciscans in Bosnia and Herzegovina issued by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in 1463
  • From Fojnica we will start our trip to the final destination – Vranica mountain and its natural gem – Prokoško lake.
     The first sight of Prokoško lake is stunning. In the heart of the mountain, surrounded by mountain peaks above 2000 m.a.s.l, the natural gem is jealously hidden by its indescribable beauty. It will just take your breath away
  • You will explore amazing landscapes, untouched nature and get to know Bosnian rural/nomad village life. We will also have an organic lunch made by the locals
  • Return to hotel and overnight in Sarajevo

Day 6 – Sarajevo – A city where you can feel like home

Free time in Sarajevo:Old town - Baščaršija - Sarajevo tour

  • Walking around the city, enjoy coffee, shopping, buying souvenirs etc.
  • If you get lost in all the small streets of Sarajevo, let the city be your guide and maybe you will find some lost treasure

Day 7 – Farewell and departure

  • Check out from the hotel
  • Depart to the airport

Please note: At the request, some planed trips from the tour agenda can be changed for other offers that are on our website.

Additional Information

The price includes:

Transport to and from all the locations from the agenda
Licensed tour guide
Lunch and dinners
Carriage ride down the Great Alley 
Admission to all the sites from the agenda

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Tour pricing

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What to bring

Comfortable shoes and clothes; Sunscreen; Fleece; Sun hat; 1 liter of water; Rain gear (in case of rain); Camera; Snack along the way.