Family Trips

Planning a family trip that will excite every member of the family seems almost impossible. A trip has to be excited enough, both for teenagers and toddlers and at the same time let you kick back and relax. Our team has taken on ourselves to create our family tours in incredible places like Zelengora, Prokoško lake, The Royal town of Bobovac etc. We guarantee that the tours will be thrilling and exciting for all family members. The tours are fun, authentic and relaxed. Through the tours you will understand the rich culture and history, introduce you to wildlife and natural wonders of each amazing destination. Whether you like quiet villages and towns with beautiful natural surroundings or are more into cities and their rich choice of museums, local restaurants and shops, these unique vacation locations will make your trip unforgettable.

So, why wait? Plan your special family trip today!

Some of our tours are:

  1. Pearls of Herzegovina – Ramsko and Blidinje lakes
  2. Zelengora – The Green Mountain tour
  3. Vranica mountain and its natural gem – Prokoško lake
  4. Kraljeva Sutjeska and The Royal town of Bobovac – the reign site of Bosnian medieval kings
  5. Skakavac – the waterfall that takes your breath away
  6. A touch of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 4 day tour
  7. An unforgettable tour: Lukomir and Boračko lake